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Only The Good Die Young : And I’m Not A Saint | Akash Verma | Book Review

“Only The Good Die Young: And I’m Not A Saint” is a suspenseful revenge story. It revolves around Dhruv, Anuradha and Sid. The moment Anuradha leaves her past behind, her past begins to catch up with her.

About The Book:

Author: Akash Verma
Pages: 280
Genre: Thriller & Suspense.
Publisher: Penguin Random House India.


Sometimes when you’re desperate to leave the past behind, the past is eager to catch up!
Anuradha leaves Gurgaon when Dhruv chooses his family over her. She thinks that chapter of her life hasended and starts afresh in Mumbai. But strangely, it seems her past is trying to catch up. Dhruv suddenlycomes back into her life. Even as they try to figure out their relationship, horrible things start happening to people they know.
Together, Anuradha and Dhruv need to find out who it is that cannot bear to see them together. Who is carrying out these shocking crimes? Are they really soulmates cursed to stay apart, or is there some karmic debt they have to repay?

Taut and thrilling, Only the Good Die Young is unputdownable.


This is a gripping read!
The book revolves around Dhruv, Sid, and Anuradha, with other side characters. Anuradha & Dhruv were in a relationship (extramarital affair) that ended abruptly. Sid, who is Anuradha’s ex, vows to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend, who pushes him to death in unusual circumstances.
This is one of the best thriller books I’ve ever read by an Indian author. The plot was really exciting, and the characters were well placed. The book is fast-paced and unputdownable. Though I’ve not read the first part of the series, I had no issue understanding the book.

Being a thriller, the book has some triggers like sexual assault, murders, violence.

The multiple POVs were really interesting and engaging. The writing style is pretty good, and I loved the chase between the characters. The ending was unexpected and quite satisfactory.

The title and the cover fit appropriately with the book.

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