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Articleship Diaries | Akhil Manuel | Book Review

About The Book:

Authors: Akhil Manuel.
Pages: 344.
Publisher: Notion Press.
Publication Date: July 11th 2021.
Genre: Contemporary Fiction.
Buy Here: Amazon India.


Does the journey of becoming a chartered accountant scare you to death? Does it mean you need an IQ of 170 and an unimaginable work ethic to become a CA? Is this right? Come on… We CAs are also people who love to have fun, but we always keep a straight face. This is Joe’s three year-long journey, where he finds himself tangled with romance, corporate backstabbing, true friendship, and drama while traveling around the world. In a breathless race, he realizes what it means to become an impactful chartered accountant and, above all, the true meaning of finding one’s purpose.

My Thoughts:

Articleship is the compulsory training period for Chartered Accountancy (CA) students, commonly known as internships, but is known as articleship in the CA profession.

The novel is covers the Articleship period of Joe Peters. A three-year period during which a newly graduated CA must learn the fundamentals of auditing and accounting, among other things.

Joe Peters is from Kerala and the novel begins with his articleship with one of Kerala’s law firms. His journey was full of adventures, friendships, love interest, petty politics, and a variety of other things. The novel is over 340 pages long, but the language is simple and that it keeps the reader intrigued.

Joe is playful, and charming, but he is above all smart, honest and curious. He is a very simple and relatable character.

The way the writer, Akhil, simplified and defined every accounting phrase was another part I liked about this book.

The book was like a journal of a CA who has penned about all his 3 years of articleship.

This book is a contemporary fiction, which is relatable with generous amount of romance in it.

I would recommend this book to all the emerging CA’s and even those who are CAs. However, people who have no connection with this profession can still enjoy it and also learn about this profession.

12 thoughts on “Articleship Diaries | Akhil Manuel | Book Review

  1. After reading the review I felt that this book will be a good read for me as I can connect it well because of the accounting Phrases used in it . The reason is I remained a student of Finance and hold good experience of the industry.

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  2. Wow. I’ve never really dived deeper into this topic and your review was insightful enough. I’ve always been away from the world of CAs or commerce but now that you put it that way, it’s interesting enough. 💕

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  3. I don’t know much about the world of CAs but this sounds really interesting and unique. The author must know a lot of the profession to make it relatable and interesting for readers.

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  4. Your review was definitely insightful. I think I’ve only read one book where the protagonist was a CA but this one seems it dives deeper into it while also keeping it balanced between fun and work. Sounds like all our lives huh. Would like to try this one!

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