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The Lucky List | Rachael Lippincot | Book Review

If you enjoy YA fiction, you gotta read this book. Rachael Lippincott is the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling novel Five Feet Apart, which you may have heard of, and this is her new book.

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The Prince And The Nightingale | Abhishek Bhatt | Book Review

The Prince and the Nightingale is a story from the time of Independence in India, i.e., 1947. It speaks of the influence of democracy and independence on monarchy, the royal families and their titles.

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A Non-Fiction that is now in my favorites shelf!

This book traces the footsteps of lord Rama, simultaneously wandering through the many stories from Valmiki, Tulsi, Adhyatma, and other regional variants of Ramayan, while the travelogue form keeps us firmly grounded in the contemporary reality of all these locations.

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Don’t Look for Me | Wendy Walker | Book Review

A fast-paced, engaging thriller, full of twist and turns and unexpected climax.

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Write Me A Love Story | Ravinder Singh | Book Review

Famous Indian Author Ravinder Singh is back with a romance, and this time he claims that it is the hottest story he has ever written.

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A Much anticipated Mystery that disappointed me: The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

The Wife Upstairs is marketed as a thriller, a modern-day retelling of Jane Eyre, though with more secrets, more twists, and presumably some murderous outcomes.

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In the Shadow of Ruin | Tony Debajo | Book Review

The first book in The Fractured Kingdom series, In the Shadow of Ruin, is a rare glimpse at Nigerian culture, history, and mythology. It is a historical fiction novel retelling traditional West African mythology, more specifically, ancient Nigerian.