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The Lake House | Christie Barlow | Book Review

A sweet, heart-warming read.

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Cuddies Strip | Blog tour| Book Review

August 1935. A young couple stroll down Cuddies Strip, a lovers' lane on the outskirts of their hometown. Neither is aware of the tragedy about to befall them – horrifying crimes that shook the residents of Perth, Scotland, to their very core. The murder of Daniel Kerrigan, 18, and the violent attack on his girlfriend Marjory Fenwick, 17, is a true story that is heartbreakingly retold in this fictionalised account. Marjory’s ordeal didn’t end that night, however. This novel painstakingly explores her mistreatment by those meant to help her – the police and judicial system. Inspector Conoboy and PC Bob Kelty struggle against the ignorance of their colleagues as they race to catch the culprit before someone else falls victim – and to give Marjory the justice and peace she deserves.