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Soft Hearts | Eric Lodin| Book Review

Soft Hearts by Eric Lodin is the first instalment in The Rett Swinson Mystery Series.

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Girl A | Abigail Dean | Book Review

Girl A is the story of seven Gracie siblings: Lex (Alexandra), Ethan, Evie, Delilah, Gabriel, Noah, and Daniel. The book is a character-driven psychological drama about the survivors of an abusive “House of Horrors.”

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Cry For Help | Wendy Dranfield | Book Review

"Cry For Help" is the second book in the series 'Detective Madison Harper Series'. However, the book can be read as a standalone.

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Faith And The Beloved | Kochery C Shibu | Book Review

The book reminds me of a Netflix show called "Sacred Games". If you have watched it and enjoyed it, then this book is for you.