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Mahasena : Part One Of The Murugan Trilogy | Kala Krishnan | Book Review

Mahasena is part one of the Murugan trilogy by Kala Krishnan. This book delves into the tales and legends surrounding Murugan, the son of Shiva and Parvati, the Gods of creation.

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A House Full Of Men | Parinda Joshi | Book Review

"A House Full of Men" by Parinda Joshi is a complicated family drama that also covers many dimensions of human behavior, such as love, sorrow, misconceptions, among others. With a touch of grief and a sprinkle of romance, it forms one great combination.

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Equations | Shivani Sibal | Book Review

Equations is the debut work of Shivani Sibal, and it is a compelling story of current caste differences, a desire for power, money, and love. It presents a disturbing perspective into the Indian class struggle, and we also see how the wealthy and powerful exploit it.

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Articleship Diaries | Akhil Manuel | Book Review

The novel is covers the Articleship period of Joe Peters. A three-year period during which a newly graduated CA must learn the fundamentals of auditing and accounting, among other things.

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The Prince And The Nightingale | Abhishek Bhatt | Book Review

The Prince and the Nightingale is a story from the time of Independence in India, i.e., 1947. It speaks of the influence of democracy and independence on monarchy, the royal families and their titles.

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A Non-Fiction that is now in my favorites shelf!

This book traces the footsteps of lord Rama, simultaneously wandering through the many stories from Valmiki, Tulsi, Adhyatma, and other regional variants of Ramayan, while the travelogue form keeps us firmly grounded in the contemporary reality of all these locations.

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Write Me A Love Story | Ravinder Singh | Book Review

Famous Indian Author Ravinder Singh is back with a romance, and this time he claims that it is the hottest story he has ever written.