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The Henna Artist | Alka Joshi | Book Review

Lakshmi Shastri was married off to Hari when she was 15 years old. She left her abusive marriage to forge her own path. Working tirelessly, Lakshmi rose to become one of Jaipur's most renowned henna artists. It took her 13 years to build a trusted name among her clientele, which includes the wives, daughters, and mothers of Jaipur's high-caste, wealthy, and influential people...

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The Guest Room | Rona Halsall | Book Review

The Guest Room is a psychological thriller written by Rona Halsall that follows Steph, a middle-aged lady with grown children, who is going through the early stages of divorce and tries to adjust to the unexpected life of being single.

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Abhimanyu: The Warrior Prince | Deepak MR | Book Review

Born to Arjuna, Abhimanyu was Krishna's favourite nephew and the grandson of Indra. He was a maharathi at the age of sixteen, who was destined to rule Hastinapur. The apple of everyone's eye, why did fate so cruelly cut short his life? Why didn't Krishna save him? Why couldn't his legendary warrior father save him?

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Cold Cock | Mukul Ranjan | Book Review

It's a compelling story that depicts The darker aspect of the small-screen entertainment industry. The story showcases the realities of people who work backstage.

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The Night of the Party | Anna-Lou Weatherley | Book Review

...The book is a good thriller with a fast-paced plot...

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Invictus | Nidhie Sharma | Book Review

Six children One treacherous jungle A gripping story of resilience Set against the harsh and inhospitable terrain of Arunachal Pradesh, Invictus is a compelling first-person account of survival against all odds.

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Verity | Colleen Hoover | Book Review

The dark elements in this book, especially in the manuscript left my mouth wide open. There are twists and turns that will shock you and parts that will send a shiver down your spine.