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Don’t Look for Me | Wendy Walker | Book Review

A fast-paced, engaging thriller, full of twist and turns and unexpected climax.

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A Much anticipated Mystery that disappointed me: The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

The Wife Upstairs is marketed as a thriller, a modern-day retelling of Jane Eyre, though with more secrets, more twists, and presumably some murderous outcomes.

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What You Never Knew | Jessica Hamilton | Book Review

"What You Never Knew" is a haunted story narrated by two devoted sisters: one of them is dead, the other is not ready to face the shocking realities of her distorted past.

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That Night | Nidhi Upadhyay | Book Review

"That Night" is a story that revolves around four friends- Natasha, Riya, Anjali and Katherine, who were best friends in college—each different from the other yet inseparable—until one night.

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The Girl From The Silent Lake | Leslie Wolfe | Book Review

'The Girl from Silent Lake' is the first instalment in the Detective Kay Sharp series, set in her hometown of Mount Chester.

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Only The Good Die Young : And I’m Not A Saint | Akash Verma | Book Review

"Only The Good Die Young: And I'm Not A Saint" is a suspenseful revenge story. It revolves around Dhruv, Anuradha and Sid. The moment Anuradha leaves her past behind, her past begins to catch up with her.

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Cry For Help | Wendy Dranfield | Book Review

"Cry For Help" is the second book in the series 'Detective Madison Harper Series'. However, the book can be read as a standalone.